Game EndingsEdit

Ganondorf first appeared in Ocarina of Time. ====Read the page before this one==== At the end ganondorf was sent to the sacred realm that he cursed. when he cursed it it's name changed to the "Dark World". In wind waker ganondorf was at the top of his tower. he said"my land lie across a far desert. A wind blowed across it. it peirced our homes with a cold shock. the sun dried the waters of hope,and left nothing. i coveted that wind i suppose... But with that i would gather the three and the crests, now i already have two, now i just need the final one..." ganondorf slowly turns around and starts running for link. link takes out the master sword but ganondorf knocks link out cold. later on link wakes up and everything else happens. then,link stabs ganondorf in the head and he turns to stone. in twilight princess, he stabs ganondorf in the stomach with the master sword. he gets up then sees a vision of zant. zant breaks his neck,dies then ganondorf goes dead-eyed and dies standing up. then he loses the triforce of power.