• Richard2000


    October 16, 2009 by Richard2000

    Halloween is coming up soon! so get ready to get handfulls of candy in your candy bag! Post your comments tonight about what you are dressing up as! It'd be best if you were Ganondorf for halloween! if you do,here is what you will need: 1.Emerald Green Face Paint 2.Armor 3.Scarlet Hair Dye 4.Long Plastic Sword Be sure to be EVIL for halloween! And DON'T forget the rules about our blog.

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  • Richard2000

    starting message

    October 12, 2009 by Richard2000

    Let's get started on your blog post! first,type in the name.(etc:ganondorf post) Then type in your blog post. Rules- 1.only put in posts about ganondorf. not use any inaproppriate language in your posts. 3rd and final rule: DO NOT USE ANY OTHER INAPROPPRIATE LANGUAGE AND DO NOT SHARE YOUR REAL NAME! i will be checking how our blog is going each friday. have fun and heed the rules!

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